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Created: 06-28-2013 - Last Updated: 14 hours ago

[1.6.4] The Best Pokemon RPG experience out! Custom music, npcs, and an awesome server in the multiplayer section.

Created: 07-19-2013 - Last Updated: 10 hours ago

Along with popular mods like Thaumcraft and Mekanism. You can: explore the plain wide fields of Africa with The Lion King Mod; Customize you own nuclear reactor; Defeat the collection of natural spawning dungeons or undertake the most perplexing mods!

Created: 04-01-2013 - Last Updated: 146 days ago

This pack was used for IHasCupquakes new Minecraft Series

Created: 07-29-2013 - Last Updated: 2 days ago

#1 Modpack for War and destruction! - Releasing soon!

Created: 03-04-2013 - Last Updated: 3 days ago

Enjoy exploding things? Well Explosives Craft is for you!

Created: 03-23-2013 - Last Updated: 46 days ago

An incredibly fun PvP/PvE modpack with 180+ Mods! Thaumcraft, Witchery, Tinkers, Galacticraft, many many more! Clans and upgradable Cities! Regular server events!

Created: 11-17-2013 - Last Updated: 245 days ago

The best war pack ever for the best Youtube series ever!

Created: 03-04-2013 - Last Updated: 1 year ago

Flans mod pack just for you please plus 1 this it really helps

Created: 09-12-2013 - Last Updated: 2 days ago

[Dedicated Server Online 24/7] Welcome to the medieval times! You'll love this themed modpack. Dual wielding, guns, boats, and more!

Created: 09-26-2013 - Last Updated: 9 days ago

Modpack Oficial Do Minecraft Guerra

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