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Created: 06-26-2013 - Last Updated: 6 days ago

Don't eat the stone, is an awesome modpack which takes you on an adventure, with puzzles, new mobs, pirates, start a family, command minions to do evil deeds and SO MUCH MORE! With only 80 mod's! Server download available!

Created: 02-13-2013 - Last Updated: 269 days ago

New world 7/21/2013! Brand new Mod Pack! ScourgeCraft is a Adventure and PvP based Mod pack! We build our own mods while using other mods to help us with features! You have to check us out!

Created: 04-04-2013 - Last Updated: 3 days ago

Started out life as Yogpack Extreme; welcome to MineTek! Now updated to 1.6.4!

Created: 02-02-2014 - Last Updated: 1 hour ago

The complete Ultra Modded-Survival pack as seen in CaptainSparklez's new series! Now with Optifine, multiplayer servers, and a Sphax texture pack!

Created: 11-23-2013 - Last Updated: 2 days ago

Orginal Pixelmon pack that is being used at www.rc-gamers.

Created: 06-30-2013 - Last Updated: 6 days ago

A modpack that combines the aspects of modern and slightly futuristic warfare.

Created: 03-30-2013 - Last Updated: 5 days ago

A modpack designed to automate Pixelmon 3.0.1

Created: 04-04-2013 - Last Updated: 11 days ago

A Modpack Built to Provide A Good Hybrid Of Tech, Magic, And Combat Mods In One Place. Providing Infinite Possibilities since 2013! Who doesn't love a little Thermo-Nuclear War?!

Created: 03-27-2013 - Last Updated: 78 days ago

Medicraft is a modpack that lets you relive the middle ages in your own way. You can either go thought the path of becoming a king or a master sorcerer. Includes Tale of Kingdoms, Thaumcraft, UgoCraft, EE3 and more !

Created: 06-28-2013 - Last Updated: 7 hours ago

[1.6.4] The Best Pokemon RPG experience out! Custom music, npcs, and an awesome server in the multiplayer section.

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