Joshmoni's Mythical Paradise!
by joshmoni - Minecraft: 1.6.4

Platform URL

This pack has been built as a follow on from my version of MoonQuest. I asked a few of my dedicated players what mods they liked and rolled them all together to create this. It features some of my favourite mods, most of which people have never heard of. I wanted it to be different and not to be too easy to complete. I had everyone in mind when i created it and my aim was to make it suite everyone. I do hope you enjoy yourself, on the server or single player, and would love some feedback. If you want any mods added, post them below and I will definitely get back to you! Please consider a plus 1 and also spread the word!

Server I.P:-

Contact:-   Skype: joshmonaghan25 
                   Email: [email protected]

Sphax:- 128x - 64x 1.4.2+   Default:- Download 1.2.8+
The texture pack may not work for all users! There's no fix and I will not help so please dont post comments. For those who can use it, congratulations!

Server Files:- Download 1.4.2 {8th July} Always read the changelog before updating!

By downloading these server files you agree not to make any kind of profit from running the server. You are not to announce your server publicly or on the main server. Block ID's are subject to change - When they do, items and blocks could go missing, you must not complain in any way if this happens! This modpack was initially intended for the publicly run server. and i shall remain that way. Single players worlds and private servers will not be taken into consideration when updates are released. That said, your worlds will always remain playable with each and every update.

If you wish to have a private server ran by me, then contact me via the email above. There will be a monthly cost. However, the little profit i make will go into keeping the public server online. Servers will be online 24/7 and be available with or without plugins. The servers will be updated whenever I update the pack. If you are interested, email me with your username and how many slots you want the server to have. Prices start at £4.

1. Open the Technic launcher and double click add modpack
2. Go to the top of this page and copy the Platform URL
3. Go back to the Technic launcher and click paste
4. After clicking Add Modpack select the modpack and click launch
5. Wait for the modpack to download (may take a while) and then I would advise restarting the modpack and your ready to play. 

Morph Mod - by iChun
Galacticraft - by Micdoodle8
Galacticraft Planets - by Micdoodle8
Twilight Forest - by Benimatic
Minefactory Reloaded - by Skyboy026
Applied Energistics - by AlgorithmX2
DartCraft - by bluedart
Geostrata - by Reika
Expanded Redstone - by Reika
Forbidden Magic - by SpitefulFox
Magical Crops - by Mark719
Thermal Expansion - by CoFH
CoFH Core - by CoFH
Weather Mod - by ...
Ender Storage - by ChickenBones
- Mekanism - by Aidancbrady
- Big Reactors - by ...
- Translocator - by ChickenBones
- Biomes O Plenty - by TDWP_FTW
- Forestry - by SirSengir
- Extra Bees - by Binnie
- Extra Trees - by Binnie
- Logistic Pipes - by theZorro266
- MrCrayfish Furniture - by Mr_Crayfish
ChickenShed - by ZeroLevels
Damage Indicators - by rich1051414
Witchery - by Emoniph
Artifice - by Shukaro
BiblioCraft - by Nuchaz
Blood Magic - by WayofTime 
BuildCraft - by SpaceToad
Dynamic Lights - by AtomicStryker
Enchanting Plus - by Freyjadono
Inventory Tweaks - by Kobata
Iron Chests - by cpw
Not Enough Items - by ChickenBones
Open Blocks - by Mikeemoo
Optifine - by sp614x
Portal Gun - iChun
Quarry Plus - by yogpstop
Rail Craft - by CovertJaguar
Roguelike Dungeons - by Graymerk
Soul Shards - by ShadwDrgn
Tinkers Construct - by mDiyo
Thaumcraft 4 - by Azanor
Useful Foods - by Silentspy
Zans Minimap - by Zaneris
bspkrsCore - by bspkrs
CodeChickenCore - by ChickenBones
iChunUtil - by iChun
Config Mod - by ...
CoroUtil - by ...
Extended Render - by ...
ModBuild - by ...
NEI Addon - by bdew

None at this moment

Outdated Versions:-
1.3.4 Modpack - Server -Sphax
1.3.1 Modpack - Server -Sphax
1.2.8 Modpack - Server - Sphax
1.2.7 Modpack - Server - Sphax

Donating really isn't that beneficial to the player any more, after Mojang changed the rules there's nothing I can give you as a player to say thank you. According to Mojang, gifting players who donated with in game perks and items is abusing the system. The donations used to cover around 3/4 of the monthly costs. The only time I made profit was when someone donated quite a large amount and insisted I kept their donation! There's servers out there who make thousands each month and they're the ones spoiling it for people like me. I'm not going to risk breaking the rules but I ask nicely that you consider donating to help keep us online, I really wouldn't feel happy paying for a server all on my own. If you don't feel like donating, or physically cannot donate, go do what ever you can to make Mojang change their minds. I can afford the server quite easily with the current donations, but wouldn't with the small amount of money I earn in real life. I have one more year of collage and as soon as I get a job when i finish, I will be prepared to pay the costs without the help as love the feedback from my work and I too love the community of the server!

I never want to close the server, I like the challenge and the feedback really does keep me going, even if there's no donations, I can make sacrifices in real life to keep it online. These paragraphs aren't here to express my depression with the fear of no donations, but to make you understand the challenges of running modded servers and how your donations would help. 

(18th July) (1.4.2)
Mekanism has been downgraded! The server was suffering some sever lag spike over the last week, and i have spent the last 4-5 days looking into it with little sleep. I went through each and every mod, and with the help of the admins, we found the problem was the new version of mekanism! The reason it was updated was because the world was been reset, so there wouldn't be any corrupt chunks as the mod would add a new world gen! This downgrade has ruined the last for days of the server, and my lift. I have spent endless hours trying to prevent a world reset, without success, sorry guys.

Added Twilight Forest
Added Dartcraft
Added Expanded Redstone
Updated Morph
Updated MrCrayfish
Remove Tropicraft (Caused issues with morphs, would have chosen to add twilight forest when tropicraft was first added, but it required permission, it no longer need permission. The mod was a little boring anyway)

(7th July) (1.4.0)
Added Applied Engernisics
Added Geostrata
Added Forbidden Magic (Thaumcraft Addon)
Updated Galacticraft
Updated Thaumcraft (At least i think i did)
Updated Mekanism (ID's have been changed)
New Sphax 64x &128x
Updated Server Files
Some other not very important stuff

World Reset -
The old world was over 3 months old and it was started with 50 mods! Now the modpack is a lot more beefy, new mods with world generation weren't giving their full potential as players spent hours looking for new chunks! This new world should go on longer then the old one. Any players who still wish to play on the old world can still do so, however, i cant say how much longer the server will be going. I advise all players to move to the new world server!

(1st June) Hotfix (1.3.3)
Fix some thaumcrafty thingys

(30th June) Hotfix (1.3.2)
Fixed underground bee stuff (id's have been changed again)
Removed Ars Magica (It causing too many problems and theres so many better magic mods out there. I wont go into a list of problems as there were so many. Witchery has been added as a replacement!)
Added Witchery
Added Simply Jetpacks
Added crafting recipe for silicon
Added crafting recipe for Witchery trees
Added crafting recipe for rubber tree saplings

(29th June) 1.3.1
Made full hydrogen gas tank craftable
Finally added server files... Again
Added Minefactory Reloaded
Updated Open Blocks
Updated OpenModsLib
Updated Forestry
Altered some forestry id's... Some items my disappear!
Removed IC2 (conflicts with galacticraft and it was only added for solar panels, galacticraft has solar panels)

(21st June)
Added Galacticraft
Added Galacticraft Planets
Added Magical Crops
Removed Plant Mega Pack
Added NEI addons (forestry recipes)

(5th June) 1.2.9
Re-Added IC2 (Only the solar panels are allowed on the server as the rest of the mod isn't stable with some 'better' mods)
Added Custom Recipies (Used this mod to tweak a few recipes to how i want them)

(28th May) 1.2.8
The modpack has been reworked. Due to certain mods causing the server, and probably single player, to be incredibly unstable, I had no other option but to remove the problematic mods. Although most of you wont agree with the changes, I had to do it for the benefit of the modpack and server. I want to make this modpack as bug and crash free as possible. The Lord of the Rings mod has been removed. Yes, ok this was probably the main reason you all downloaded the modpack. But none of us could put up with around 4 crashes per hour. The mod is ideal for single player but it simply isn't server friendly I'm afraid! The other mod that was removed is IC2. This mod doesn't necessarily crash the server daily, but when it does, it takes hours to fix. I didn't think it was worth keeping in the modpack as we have mekanism and newly added Thermal Expansion. I hope you all understand and agree with my choices and if you have any questions... or complaints... I will answer them in the comments if I feel I ought to.
Removed IC2
Removed Compact Solars
Removed LOTR mod
Added Thermal expansion
Added Tropicraft
Added Weather Mod
Added Extended Render

(20th May) 1.2.4
Removed the camping mod (Causing too many problems)
Added Ender Storage
Added Translocator

(8th May) 1.2.2
Removed TCmechworks
Fixed compatibly with macs

(7th May) 1.2.01
Added Mekanism
Added Biomes o Plenty
Added Hats
Added MrCrayfish
Added Forestry
Added Binnies Mod (Extra Bees)
Added Big Reactors
Added The camping mod (Dont know why :L)
Added Plant Mega Pack (lots of new plants and food)
Added Logistic pipes (sorting mod)
Re-added the rouge like dungeons (spawning decreased)
Enabled the morph mod for EVERYONE
Removed ExtraBiomes (we have biomes o plenty)
Removed the calcavia mods (causing conflicts & not that popular)

(30th April) 1.1.31
Updated The Lord of the Rings mod - hopefully to allow mobs in the dimension

(First Main Update) (20th April) 1.1.22
Added Backbacks
Added Morph Mod
Added Paxels
Fixed IC2 Recipes
Disabled elevators consuming XP on use

(Before Time Began)
Absolutely nothing of interest what so ever

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