Dragon Block C Plus
by AlphaDeltaOmega - Minecraft: 1.6.2

Platform URL

Contains most of Jin Ryuus Mods along with TMI and more mods on the way :D

Official website: http://DBCPlus.webs.com please register there and join the official server :D

-Beta/Test Release

- Added forge
- *Fixed bugs
- Added Jin Ryuu's Mods

( Reset modpack )

- Added NephCraft
- Added TMI
- Added Minimap


- Removed NephCraft


-removed Mini map


-Fixed bugs


-Testing Fixes

- Used Correct forge for modpack.

Please update :D


-added backpack mod

-added FO mod


-Removed FO mod

-Added McCapes

Register for a cape at: Http://mccapescom


- Added Mini map


-Added optifine

- fixed bugs


-Added Damage indicators mod


-Added TMI


-Added More Foods Mod

-Added MCA

-Added Custom NPC's Mod


-Fixed bugs


-Added configs


-Fixed bugs


-Removed voice chat mod due to agreement reasons.


-Added Weapons Mod

[ 6.5 ]

- Added in pixelmon Adding one piece in next update


-Returned to 1.6.2


-Fixed all server issues

I own no mods in this pack ( YET ).

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Created: 01-04-2014

Last Updated: 50 days ago

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